Project Abstracts - 2016

MBA Student Projects

Financial Management

Sl.No.Project Title
1 The Study on Effect of Working Capital Management on the Profitability Of Textile Industries
2 A Study on Effect of Capital Structure Decisions on Firms Performance- with reference to National Stock Exchange Listed Companies
3 A Study on the Impact of Women Empowerment through Self Help Groups (SHGs) with reference to Chickaballapur District
4 Relationship between Stock Price and Exchange Rate Changes
5 Analysis of Working Capital Management of Tyre Industry in India
6 An Empirical Analysis of Risk Perception towards Mutual Funds – A Study on Women Investors in Bengaluru (with Reference to Sharekhan)
7 Comparative Analysis of Indian Goods and Service Tax (GST) with Global Scenario –A Study with Reference to Financial Sector
8 A Study on Performance Evaluation and Market Timing Ability of Fund Managers of Mid Cap Funds in India
9 A Study on Impact of Indirect Tax Reforms on Indian Economy – With Reference to Excise Duty and Custom Duty
10 The Impact of Micro Finance on Welfare and Poverty Alleviations with reference to Mandya District
11 The Empirical Study on Working Capital Management on Cement Industries
12 Performance Analysis of Initial Public Offerings in India with Reference to National Stock Exchange
13 A Study on the Factors Affecting Exchange Rate of Indian Rupee
14 A Study on Impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability: Telecom Sector of India
15 A Comparative Study on Performance of Public and Private Sector Banks in India using CAMEL Model
16 A Comparative Study on Housing Finance with Special Reference to HDFC and LICHFL
17 A Study on Comparative Analysis between Level of NPA of Private Sector and Public Sector Banks in Bangalore
18 Movement of the Stock Indices in Relation with Selected Macroeconomic Variable
19 An Analytical Study of Correlation between Indian and International Stock Market
20 Performance Evaluation of Equity Diversified Mutual Fund Schemes
21 A Study on a Mutual Fund and its Nature and Investor’s Perception View About Mutual Fund in India
22 Development of Portfolio Optimization Model – A Comparative Study of Large and Mid-Cap Stocks
23 Impact of Fiscal Policy in India – With Reference to Automobile Industry
24 Analysis on the Impact of Exchange Rates on Imports of the Indian Furniture Companies
25 Performance Analysis of Mutual Funds – A Study of Equity Diversified Fund, Index Fund and Exchange Traded Fund
26 A study on Customer Satisfaction Level of Mobile Banking users in Public and Private sector Banks
27 A Study on Venture Capital Financing and the Problems Faced by the Startup Companies in Bangalore
28 A Study on Determinants of Dividend Payouts in the Auto Ancillary Sector in India
29 An Analysis of Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Indian Manufacturing Growth
30 Determinants of Profitability of Private Banks in India –Multivariate analysis
31 A Study on Effect of Corporate Tax Reforms on Profitability and Efficiency of Selected Information Technology (IT) Companies
32 Fundamental Analysis of Securities – A Study with reference to Financial Service Sector in Indian Stock Market
33 A Study on Goods and Service Tax in India – With Reference to Manufactures Perception, Bangalore
34 Comparative Analysis of Home Loan Schemes Adopted by the Banks and the Impact on the Banks
35 Performance Evaluation of Selected Mutual Funds in India