Project Abstracts - 2015

Student Projects

Engineering and Manufacturing Management

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Development of A Roadmap for In-House Manufacturing of CRF Section for Railways Freight Wagon Components using Project Management Tools
2 Improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness in Mechanical Press Machine using Lean Tools
3 Productivity Improvement in Axle Bracket Manufacturing Line using Lean Techniques
4 Improvement in Job-work Procurement Flow in an Auto Component Industry using VSME Program
5 Improvement of Inventory Management in Automotive Manufacturing Plant
6 Improving Operating Performance Indices in Assembly Unit of an Automobile Industry using Lean Six Sigma Approach
7 Process Improvement in Engine Manufacturing to Reduce Contamination using Quality Management Approach
8 Implementation of Lean Practices in Indirect Material Stores of Two Wheeler Manufcaturing Company
9 Quality Improvement in Paint Can Production Line Using DMAIC Approach
10 Reduction in Changeover Time for a Vertical Machining Centre Using Lean Techniques
11 Quality Improvement in Piston Rod Manufacturing Line using Statistical Process Control
12 Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness of Stamping Press using Multiple Approach
13 Change- over Time Reduction in Injection Molding Machine using SMED Technique
14 Reduction of Shop Support Work Order Cycle Time using DMAIC Approach
15 OEE Improvement in Tripot Grinding Machine using Lean Techniques
16 Process Re-Design and Development of Actuator Manufacturing using DFMA Approach
17 Delivery Performance Improvement of an Automotive Part using DMAIC Approach
18 Lead Time Reduction in Installation of Busways Assembly in the Data Centre using DFA Approach
19 Improving Performance Indices in Job Shop using Lean Approach
20 Improvement in Performance of Two Wheeler Muffler Assembly Cell using DMAIC Approach
21 Reduction of Product Cost of Mechanical Seal using VAVE Approach
22 Improvements in Inbound Logistics of Tractor Manufacturing Company using Lean Techniques
23 Productivity Improvement of Tractor Post Paint Assembly Process using Lean Six Sigma Approach
24 To Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness of Rear Transmission Assembly
25 Improvement in Delivery Fulfillment of Fuel Injection Pump Elements using Lean Methodologies
26 Manufacturing Lead Time Reduction of Special Machine Assembly
27 Process Capability Dashboard for Gearbox Transmission Shaft
28 Overall Equipment Effectiveness Improvement in a CNC Lathe using Lean Techniques