Project Abstracts - 2014

Student Projects

Engineering and Manufacturing Management

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Improvements in Pump Housing Manufacturing Cell using Lean Approach
2 Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness in CNC Machine Shop using Lean Techniques
3 Energy Cost Optimisation in R & D Centre using Project Management Principles
4 First Pass Yield Improvement in Press Shop using Quality Management Approach
5 Quality Improvement in Hour Counter Assembly Line using Quality tools and Shainin Approach
6 Quality Improvement in Pressure Switch Assembly Line using Quality Control Tools
7 Improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness of a Machining Cell using Lean Techniques
8 Reduction of Rejection Rate in CNC Machine Shop using Quality Control Approach
9 Improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of Blister Packaging Lines using Lean Methodology
10 Development of a Cost Effective Supply Chain Framework for a Construction Equipment Manufacturer
11 Redesign of a Machining Line for Producing Multi-Model Auto Components using Lean Techniques
12 Improving Operating Performance Indices in Machining Unit of an Automobile Industry using Lean six sigma approach
13 Design and Development of Pull Production System for an Automotive Manufacturing Plant
14 Improvement in Delivery Fulfilment and Quality to Reduce Line Stoppage for an Automotive Part
15 Quality Improvement in Crank Shaft Manufacturing Cell through Six Sigma Approach
16 Production Efficiency Improvement in a Stamping Production Line using Lean Techniques
17 Quality Improvement in Centerless Grinding Process using DMAIC Approach
18 Improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness of CNC Machine Shop using Lean Techniques
19 Improvement of Inventory Management System in a Teaching Hospital
20 Reduction of Wastes in MCB Manufacturing Line using Lean Concepts
21 Reduction of Manufacturing Lead Time of Half Shaft Assembly using Lean Techniques
22 Production Capacity Enhancement in Glass Manufacturing Unit through Lean Concepts
23 Improving Inventory Management in an Injection Moulding Company
24 Productivity Improvement in Press Shop through Application of Lean Methodology
25 Productivity Improvement of Packing Machine Assembly Line by using Lean Techniques
26 Productivity Improvement of Automotive Component Machining Process using Lean Concept
27 Productivity and Quality Improvement of Weldments in Process Pipings used for Pharmaceuticals Application
28 Cost Reduction in Aircraft Hydraulic Actuators through VAVE Techniques
29 Reduction in Rejection of Automotive Window Regulator Motor Using Six Sigma Methodology
30 Optimisation of Cutting Parameters Using Taguchi Loss Function for Turning and Milling Process
31 New Product Development of Modular Storage Unit for Office Environment using Design for Six Sigma
32 Cost Reduction in Tools & Gauges Through Outsourcing The Heat Treatment Process
33 Localisation of Heat Treatment Suppliers of Eccentric Shaft for Common Rail Application
34 Improvement in Delivery Fulfillment of Single Cylinder Pump Variants using Lean Concepts
35 Improving Overall Equipment Efficiency in Robotic Welding Cell
36 Improvement of First Time Quality in Circuit Breaker Manufacturing Process using Quality Techniques