Project Abstracts - 2013

Student Projects

Engineering and Manufacturing Management

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Reduction of Rework Rate in Plastic Diesel Filter Assembly Line Using Shainin Approach
2 Development of Direct Material Inventory Optimisation Model for a Bus Manufacturing Company
3 Productivity Improvement in Water Purifier Manufacturing by Applying Lean Concepts
4 Productivity Improvement in Bus Passenger Seat Assembly Cell through Lean Methodology
5 Reduction of Cycle Time of Axle Housing Assembly of IDB Model in TAFE
6 Reducing the Grinding Cycle Time in End Mill Manufacturing
7 Productivity Improvement in Manufacturing of Transmission Parts
8 Improving Inbound Logistics Process Using Lean, Six Sigma, Simulation Integrated Approach
9 Quality Improvement in Engine Assembly through Six Sigma Approach
10 Implementation of Lean Techniques in Automotive Air Filter Manufacturing Line
11 Reducing Material Cost in Fabricated Parts for Two Wheelers through Value Analysis Technique
12 Productivity Improvement in Side Member Press Shop by Using Quality Tools
13 Manpower Reduction in the Component Shop of Volvo Bus Manufacturing Plant
14 Optimisation of Supplier Base for an Oil and Gas Product Supply Company
15 Improvement of the Production Efficiency in Press Shop Using Lean Methodology
16 Improving the Productivity in Drum Brake Assembly Line Using Lean and DMAIC Methodology
17 Reduction of Rejection in MCCB Handle Case Assembly Using Quality Control Approach
18 Reduction of Lead Time in Electrical Panel Manufacturing Projects
19 Productivity Improvement in Automotive Sub Assembly Line Using Lean Techniques
20 Process Re-engineering to Reduce Throughput Time in Bus Body Building
21 Setup Time Reduction in Sleeve Cell Using Lean Concepts
22 Reduction of Inventory in Manufacturing of Fuel Injection Components Using Lean Concepts
23 Improvement of Material Feeding System for an Excavator Assembly Line through Lean Principles
24 Reduction of WIP Inventory in Brake Cable Manufacturing by Applying Lean Concepts
25 Productivity Improvement in Exotic Delivery Valve Line through Process Reengineering
26 Cost Reduction in Barrel and Plunger Assembly Value Stream Using Multiple Approaches
27 Heat Treatment Process Lead Time Reduction for Fuel Injection Pump Drive Shaft
28 Reduction in Rejection Rate of Delivery Valve Assembly Using QC Tools
29 Improvement in Customer Order Fulfillment of Power Tool Motor Housing
30 Reduction in Lead Time of Machined Hot Forged Rails to Bosch through Supplier Development
31 Yield Improvement and Rejection Reduction of Forged Components through Value Engineering Approach
32 Developing and Manufacturing of Battery and Electrical System Analyser for Indian Auto market
33 Developing Bosch Industrial Blowers and Devising Strategy for Re-Launch to Gain Competitive Edge in the Indian Market
34 Reduction in Consumption and Manufacturing Cost of Pneumatic Gauges through Reengineering Approach
35 Reduction in Finish Match Grinding Cycle Time of Valve Cone through Process Optimisation
36 Improving Quality Level of Gauges and Fixtures of Supplier Using Quality Tools
37 Improvement in Customer Order Fulfillment in Spark Plug Assembly
38 Design and Implementation of Lean Line Concept in PE-Pump Assembly Line
39 Energy Consumption Reduction in Heat Treatment Shop Using Multiple Approaches
40 Productivity Improvement in R Starter Assembly Line through the Implementation of Lean Line Design
41 Fuel Economy Improvement and Cost Reduction in Diesel Vehicle Using Value Analysis and Value Engineering Techniques
42 Inventory Reduction and Customer Fulfillment Improvement in Delivery Valve Value Stream
43 Development of a Mechanical Throttle Body for Indian Two Wheeler Market
44 Lead Time Reduction in Flyweight Assembly Line Value Stream Using Lean Concepts
45 Lead Time Reduction in Delivery Valve Value Stream Using Lean Concepts
46 Reduction of Non-Value Added Activities in Sparkplug Manufacturing Using Lean Principles
47 First Pass Yield Improvement in PF33 Pump Fuel Delivery Setting Process
48 Lead Time Reduction in Elements Line Using Lean Concept
49 Development of a Mechanical Throttle Body for Indian Two Wheeler Market
50 Development of Lab Facilities for Testing Solar Flat Plate Collector as per BIS Using Project Management Principles
51 Logistics Performance Improvements in Starters and Generators Division
52 Studies on the T850 Functional Test of a Glow Plug