Project Abstracts - 2012

Student Projects

Engineering and Manufacturing Management

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Capacity Enhancement of Three Wheeler Sub-Assemblies Using LEAN Concepts
2 Productivity Improvement through Lean Manufacturing in Automotive Relay Assembly
3 Development of a Tool Management System for an Energy Sector Company
4 Optimisation of Laser Cutting Process Parameters Using Taguchi Approach
5 Lead Time Reduction by Using Lean Technique in Heavy Motor and Generator Assembly Line
6 Developing a Mathematical Model for Scheduling Production in a Group Technology Production System
7 Productivity Improvement in Panel Rear Machining Cell
8 Lead Time Reduction in Core Assembly of Induction Motors and Generators
9 Improvement of Promise to Delivery Capability in a Honing Machine Tool Manufacturing Unit
10 Improving Traceability and Space Utilisation of the Material Storage System for SPM Manufacturer
11 Improving Machine Utilisation of Vertical Turning Lathe in a Generator Frame Line
12 Formulation of a Quality Plan for Manufacturing Electric Motors for Hazardous Area Application
13 Lead Time Reduction of Machining Process for Heavy Motors and Generator Components
14 Reduction of Scrap in an Electronic Assembly Line Using DMAIC Approach
15 Localisation of Heat Sink Component for a UPS Manufacturing Company
16 Reduction of Scrap in an Electronic Assembly Line Using DMAIC Approach
17 Development of Controlling Tool to Track Cost Variations of Sourced Items for an Energy Sector Company
18 Development of Strategic Sourcing Frame Work to Create Cost Effective Supply Base for an Energy Sector Company
19 Reduction of Rework in a PCB Assembly Using QC Tools
20 Productivity Enhancement through Process Improvement in Pump-Housing Machining Cell
21 Setup Time Reduction through SMED Technique in a Stamping Production Line
22 Rework Control in Three Phase UPS Assembly Line Using Quality Tools and Techniques
23 Production Capacity Enhancement in Relay Manufacturing Unit through Lean Concepts
24 Reducing Cycle Time in an Automotive Window Regulator Assembly Process
25 Lead Time Reduction in Food Processing Line by Applying Lean Concepts
26 Improving Productivity in a Heat Treatment Shop for Piston Pins
27 Changeover Time Reduction in Press Shop Using Lean Methodology
28 Productivity Improvement of Gear Cover Machining by Applying Lean Principles
29 Reduction of Setting Time in the Machining of Extracted Handles
30 Productivity Improvement of Injection Moulding Machine through Quick Change Over
31 Productivity Improvement of Injection Moulding Machine through Quick Changeover Techniques
32 Productivity Improvement in Compactor Assembly Line Using Kanban Concepts
33 Implementation of ERP, FIFO Inventory Control Technique in a Fluid Transmission Parts Unit
34 Value Engineering on Aircraft Forward Position Light Housing Part for Value Enhancement
35 Reducing Knowledge Base Development Time by Applying LEAN Concepts
36 Quality Index Improvement in Manufacturing Industry
37 Process Optimisation to Minimise Filter Rod Defect
38 Lead Time Reduction in Product Design Life Cycle of HF SSB Airborne Communication System
39 Specific Energy Consumption Reduction in a Carbide Cutting Tool Industry
40 Lead Time Reduction in Vendor Invoice Processing
41 Process Optimisation in Ultrasonic Welding Using Design of Experiments
42 Cost Reduction of Highly Precise Linear Slide Special Purpose Machines by Standardisation of Design Phase
43 Process Improvement and Total Lead Time Reduction of Engineering Work Orders Flow at a Design Office
44 Cost Reduction in Front Bumper Grille Assembly using VAVE Techniques