Project Abstracts - 2015

M.Sc. Student Projects

Automotive Product Design

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Reinterpretation of 1972 Chevrolet Bel Air Model Car for 2030
2 Design of LPG Cylinder Delivery Vehicle with Loading and Unloading Mechanism
3 Design of a Mechanism to Load and Unload Pallets from LCV Truck
4 Conceptual Design of Last Mile Connectivity Vehicle in Seaports
5 Conceptual Design of Boat for Kerala Back Water Tourism
6 Reinterpretation of Hindustan Motors Contessa for 2030
7 Conceptual Design of an Intra-city Microcar for 2030
8 Conceptual Design of Pickup Truck for Indian Scenario
9 Variable Ground Clearance Mechanism for Tractor
10 Conceptual Design of Heavy Transport Vehicle for Indian Scenario
11 Conceptual Design of a Two Wheeled Car for Indian Conditions
12 Conceptual Design of a Multi Usage Motorised Bicycle
13 Design of a Vehicle for Empty Nesters
14 Conceptual Design of Vehicle for Archeological Survey of India
15 Conceptual Design of Micro Vehicle for Replacing Auto-Rickshaw
16 Redesign Honda Activa for 2030
17 Conceptual Design of a Car for Urban Commuting
18 Interior Design of Caravan for Indian Celebrities
19 Conceptual Design of Two Seater Small Electric Car for Indian Scenario
20 Interior Design of Mobile Catering Vehicle for Industrial Area
21 Design of Personal Transport for Homemaker / Entrepreneur
22 Redesign of Floor Console for Reduced Injury to Second Row Occupants
23 Design Improvements of Coach Buses to Enhance Occupant Safety
24 Design of a Mini-Caravan Interior for Tourism