Project Abstracts - 2014

M.Sc. Student Projects

Automotive Product Design

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Redesign of Integrated Headlamp and Fender with Green Plastic for Weight and Cost Reduction
2 Reinterpretation of Maruti Omni to the Style of 2030 Indian Customers
3 Redesign of Existing Sedan into a Convertible Car for Indian Scenario
4 Retro Car Design for India 2025
5 Conceptual Design of a Police Night-Patrolling Vehicle for Urban India
6 Conceptual Design of 2-Seater Narrow Width Passenger Car for India
7 Conceptual Design of Quad Bike for Urban Commuting
8 Conceptual Design of an Electric Car with Packaging to Suit Tier-1 City Family
9 Re-interpretation of TVS XL Design Outlook for the Year 2020
10 Designing a Futuristic Car for 2025 Indian Market
11 Interior Design of Heavy Transport Vehicle for Indian Scenario
12 Bike Service Mobility Vehicle to Provide Better Convenience for Tier-1 City User
13 Parking Aids for a City Car
14 Conceptual Design of Hatchback Car to Suit Middle Aged Working Class Indian People
15 Design and Development of Flood Rescue Vehicle
16 Development of Quick First Response Fire Rescue Vehicle
17 Design of Passenger Cabin for Jungle Safari Vehicle
18 Design of Electric Scooter for Aging Population in India
19 Concept Design of Special Purpose Vehicle for Indian Military
20 Conceptual Design of Family Car with Improved Visibility and Thermal Comfort for Passengers
21 Design of Goods Delivery Vehicle For Supermarket
22 Design and Development of Motorised Mobility Vehicle for Indian Market
23 Design of a Lighter and Lower Cost Engine Oil Pan for an Indian Car
24 Conceptual Design of an Executive 2 Seat Hybrid Super-Efficient Vehicle (SEV) for Premium Segment of Indian Urban Market