Project Abstracts - 2013

M.Sc. Student Projects

Automotive Product Design

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Design of Mobile Vaccination Clinic for Rural Area
2 Design and Development of a Computerised Ration Shop for Public Distribution System in India
3 Interior Design of Minibus Fulfilling the Requirement of Long Distance Travel and Tourism
4 Design of Mobile Clinic to Operate in Remote Areas
5 Redesign of Rear End of a Car to Minimise Whiplash Injury
6 Design and Development of Mobile Maintenance Vehicle for BMTC
7 Design of an Automotive Headlamp Considering Style and Performance
8 Design of a Solar Powered Boat for Backwater Tourism
9 Design of a Narrow Track Car for Indian Market
10 Design of School on Wheels
11 Design of Mobile Raw Milk Chilling Unit for Rural Area
12 Concept Design of Onsite Refueller Vehicle for Heavy Vehicles/Machineries and Small Power Houses
13 Design of Mobile Veterinary Clinic and Livestock Care on Wheels
14 Conceptual Design of Motorcycle Helmet to Meet the Requirement of Thermal Comfort, Ergonomics and Safety of the Riders
15 Design of a Primary Health Unit on Wheels for Rural Areas
16 Conceptual Design of Last Mile Connectivity Vehicle
17 Design of Front Bumper of an Indian SUV to Meet AIS-100 Lower Leg Safety Requirements
18 Design of Three Wheeler Vehicle for Physically Challenged People
19 Conceptual Design of Two Wheeler Parking System for Urban Areas
20 Redesign of Car Bumper through Moulding Process Induced Anisotropy and Impact Analysis
21 Redesign of Sleeper Berth of Heavy Duty Truck Cabin for Improved Occupant Safety
22 Design of a 'Snow Removal Truck' for Snow Affected Cities of India
23 Design of a Vehicle for a Mobility Sharing System for Indian Commuters in Industrial Area
24 Redesign of Maruti Suzuki Swift