Project Abstracts - 2012

M.Sc. Student Projects

Automotive Product Design

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Redesign of a Car interior for Lower Limb Disabled Persons
2 Design of a Tractor for Indian Farmers with Occupant Safety
3 Conceptual Design of Mini-SUV for Indian Market
4 Design of a Lightweight Family Car for the 'Michelin Design Challenge'
5 Design and Development of Multipurpose Light Commercial Vehicle
6 Redesign of Passenger Bus for Indian Rural Market with Luggage Transportation Facilities
7 Design of an Adjustable Car from 2-Seater to 4-Seater
8 Redesign of Front End of Maruti Alto to Enhance Pedestrian Safety
9 Redesigning A-Pillars of Passenger Car to Improve Driver`s Visibility without Affecting Rollover Protection
10 Personal Transit Vehicle for Year 2030
11 Tear Drop Design of Double Decker Bus for Improved Aerodynamics
12 Design of Hi-rail Ambulance to Access Train Crash Spots and Disaster Areas
13 Design and Development of an Amphibious Vehicle for Water Accident Rescue Purpose
14 Design of Modern Vehicle for Handyman Services
15 Design and Development of Mobile ATM Van
16 Design and Development of Fold and Trolley Electric Scooter
17 Design of Small Size Refrigerator Vehicle to Retail and Transport of Seafood Products
18 Designing a Palm Seeds Cutting and Carrying Mechanism for Agricultural purpose
19 Design of Solar Assisted Electric Car with Future Styling
20 Structural Analysis of Exterior Car Door Handle with Molding Process Induced Anisotropy
21 Design of a Educational and Service Vehicle for Indian Farmers
22 Modifying Existing Auto Rickshaw for Better Space and Comfort with Electrical Drive
23 Design and Development of Pillion Foot Rest in Two-Wheelers for Arthritis Patients
24 Design of an Accouchement Vehicle to prevent Neonatal Mortality
25 Design and Development of a Short Distance Taxi Vehicle
26 Exterior and Interior Styling of Hatchback Car for Women
27 Exterior and Interior Styling and Design of Light Commercial Vehicle for Indian Market
28 Design of Personal Mobility Vehicle For In-Campus Ride
29 Conceptual Design of a Compact Parking System for Urban Areas
30 Design of Blood Donation Vehicle for Indian Scenario
31 Design of a First Response Fire Truck to Fight Fire
32 Conceptual Design of Integrated Mobile Car Servicing and Washing Vehicle for Indian Market
33 Conceptual Design of Automatic Smart Parking System for Shopping Centres
34 Design of Adaptable Car
35 Two Wheeler Seat Height Adjustment
36 Design of Scooter Paramedic Ambulance
37 Development of Air Filter Assembly for Two Wheeler to Minimize the Air Restriction and to Achieve Improved Filtration Performance
38 Conceptual Design of Weather Proof Enclosed Two Wheeler
39 Design and Development of Convertible Car Using Existing Body Frame
40 Design of a Tipper with Improved Functionality and Ergonomics for Indian Market
41 Conceptual Design of Vestibule Bus for Indian Market with Improved Passenger Ergonomics
42 Interior Design of Double Decker School Van for Indian Market
43 Design, Simulation and Demonstration of a Parallel Parking Mechanism for a Passenger Car