Project Abstracts - 2013

M.Sc. Student Projects

Automotive Engineering

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Investigation of Fatigue Failures in High Pressure Diesel Pump Housing Using Simulation Techniques
2 Enhancement of Aerodynamic Performance of a Formula-1 Race Car Using Add-on Devices
3 Design of Variable Camber Mechanism
4 Improving Engine Performance through Better Distribution of EGR Gases
5 Development of Four Wheel Steering System of a Car
6 Evaluation of the Ground Effect Performance of Formula-1 Race Car with Parametric Studies on Underbody Features
7 Numerical Simulation of Twin Cylinder Naturally Aspirated Indirect Injection Diesel Engine
8 Modelling and Simulation of Hydropneumatic Suspension for a Car
9 Dynamic Simulation of FSAE Car
10 Numerical Evaluation of Soot Models on Single Cylinder Diesel Engine at Various Post-Injection Conditions
11 Characterisation of Thermodynamic Performance and Emissions of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
12 Design of Motorcycle Rider Foot Rest for Reduced Vibration
13 Development of Hydropneumatic Suspension and Evaluation of its Performance
14 Study on Effect of Dual Sequential Ignition Timing on Performance and Emissions of an SI Engine
15 Numerical Investigation of Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle for Cavitation due to High Velocity Flow
16 Design of Exhaust Headers for Performance Cars Incorporating Helmholtz Resonator
17 Redesign of Prechamber in Indirect Diesel Engine to Improve Performance and Emission Characteristics
18 Design of Valve Train Spring for Improved Control of Valve Events
19 Design and Development of Hollow Anti Roll Bar for a Passenger Car
20 Computational Fluid Flow Simulation of Plasma over a Vehicle to Study Drag Reduction
21 Analysis and Improvement of Intake Manifold of Single Cylinder DI Diesel Engine
22 Design and Analysis of Pressure Dampener for Single Cylinder Naturally Aspirated Engine
23 Design of Intake Manifold to Improve the Target Functional Requirements of a Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine
24 Design and Analysis of Camshaft for Fuel Injection Pump with High Injection Pressure
25 Design of a Two-Stroke-DI-Diesel-Engine with Lubrication Oil Free Crankcase Scavenging
26 CFD Modeling and Simulation of the Injection of Urea-Water-Solution for Automotive SCR Systems
27 Design of an Adaptive Seat Belt System (ASBS)
28 Regenerative Shock Absorber for Hybrid Cars
29 Thermal Protection of Starter Motor for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles