Project Abstracts - 2012

M.Sc. Student Projects

Automotive Engineering

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Failure Investigation of a Freight Locomotive Suspension Spring and Redesign of the Spring for Durability and Ride Index
2 Design of Dynamic Airvents and Airflow Analysis in a Passenger Car Cabin
3 Development of Lumped Parametric Model (LPM) for Crashworthiness of Front End of a Car
4 Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Flow in a Positive Displacement Gerotor Oil Pump
5 Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Front Structure of a Three Wheeler to Improve Its Wobbling Stability
6 Design Improvement of Three Wheeler Passenger Vehicle Chassis for Basic and Specific Customer Usage
7 Weight Reduction of Main Drive Flexible Shaft in Helicopter and Study on the Effect of Joining Techniques
8 Numerical Investigation of Primary Break-up Length and Spray Angle for Pintle Atomiser Used in Automotive Emission Control
9 Underhood Flow Management of a Heavy Commercial Vehicle to Improve Thermal Performance
10 Numerical Evaluation of a Closed Cabin of an Earthmovers for Structural Rigidity and Safety
11 Design of Hood Stiffener of a Sedan Car for Pedestrian Safety
12 Improvement in Crashworthiness of an S-rail through Change in Material, Thickness and Cross Section Geometry
13 Body Section Method for Rollover Analysis under AIS 031
14 Influence of Suspension and Vehicle Parameters on Vehicle Behaviour and Active Roll Control
15 Study on Performance Characteristics of Scuderi - Split Cycle Engine
16 Flow Field Development in a Direct Injection Diesel Engine with Different Manifolds
17 Modelling and Simulation of an Electric Vehicle to Study the Effect of Additional Wheel Weight due to Hub Motors on Ride and Handling
18 Design Optimisation for Weight Reduction of Loader Front Frame
19 Fuel Efficiency Benefit Analysis in Diesel Engine with Different Fuel Metering Concepts of Common Rail Fuel Injection System
20 Effect of Bowl Geometry and Spray Angle on the Performance and Emissions of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine
21 Reduction of Sound Level for a Hermetically Sealed Compressor
22 Design Process Automation of Steering Wheel Armature for Static Strength
23 Design of Turbo Integrated Gas Energy Recovery System
24 Development of a System for Thermal Error Compensation in Machine Tools
25 Thermo Mechanical Analysis and Improvement of IC Engine Piston Assembly