PG Student Group Project Abstracts - 2016

Sl.No.Project Title
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
1 Design and Development of EFI System for Fuel Efficient Car
2 Design and Fabrication of Formula Race Car as per FSAE Regulations
3 Design and Development of Fuel Efficient Car
4 Conceptual and Aerodynamic Design of Single Seater Light Sport Aircraft and Fabrication of Scale Model
5 Structural Design and Stability Analysis of Single Seater Light Sport Aircraft and Fabrication of Scale Model
6 Design and Development of a Two Seater Sports Car
7 Low Cost Uniaxial Shake Table for Harmonic Excitation
8 Experimental Setup to find Natural Frequency and Demonstrate Mode Shapes of Shear Building
9 An Experimental Setup To Conduct Dynamic Analysis of One & Two Span Beam
10 Framed Structure with Buckling Restrained Bracings (BRB) Dampers
11 Smart Layout Concept
12 Development of an Anti-theft System for Two-Wheelers
13 MAV Based Surveillance System
14 GPS Enabled Intelligent Robot for Surveillance
15 Design and Development of Software Defined Networks for Network Management Services
16 Design and Development of Templating and Reporting System for Exam Assessment
17 Design and Development of a University Event Management System
18 Design and Development of Multiple Level Detecting Container and an IoT Based Grocery Level Indication System
19 Design and Development of Driver Circuit for Electric Vehicle Applications
20 Design and Development of GPS based Autonomous Navigation Robot with Obstacle Avoidance
21 Design and Development of Thermal Conductivity Measurement System
22 Development of Noninvasive Blood Glucose Measurement System
23 Design and Development of Vision Based Tunnel Navigation System for an MAV
24 Design and Development of Semi-Automated Traffic Violation Identification System
25 Design and Development of Semi – Automated Sensor Calibration System
26 FPGA Based Real – Time Indoor Location System for UAV Applications
27 Design and Development of Wet Sand Reclamation Unit
28 Design and Development of Semi-automated Wall Painting Equipment
Faculty of Art and Design
30 Design and Development of an Animated Short Film to Promote Swachh Bharat Scheme in Bangalore
31 Design and Development of a Three Wheeler Logistic Transporter
Faculty of Management and Commerce
32 A Study on Effect of Poverty Alleviation Program on Rural Villages - With Reference to Achalu village, Ramanagar, Karnataka
33 Study On Unemployment Referance To Management Education In India
34 Assessing the Effectiveness of Inventory Management in OT Sub-Store of a Tertiary Care Hospital
35 Needs Assessment of Elderly and Preparation of Geriatric Home Care Packages
36 Cost- Benefit Analysis For Starting An International Inpatient Wing In A Tertiary Care Hospital
37 A Study on The Impact of Accreditation on Patient Safety in A Tertiary Care Hospital
38 Study the Charge Hand Over/ Take Over by Nurse and Recommended Ways to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Same
39 A Study on Transformation of Selected Government Rural Schools to Model Schools
40 Analysis on The Role of Banks and Self-help Groups to Promote The Sustainability of Micro Finance in Wayanad and Malappuram Districts, Kerala
41 Study on State Government Initiatives Taken to Improve Tourism in Chitradurga District
42 Impact of Education on Socio-Economic Status of Karnataka (Keelanpura Village)
43 A Study on Waste Management in Healthcare Sector
44 A Comparative Study on Traffic Management - With Reference to Whitefield Area and Sadashivanagar Area, Bangalore City
45 A Study on Income Inequality In India: Past, Present and Future
46 A Study on Value Chain of Pottery Enterprise in Northern Karnataka Village
47 Study on The Impact of Illiteracy on Youths in Peenya
48 Analysis of Funding Opportunities for AWAKE through Private Financial Institution
49 Study on Impact of Social Networking Sites on Student’s Life
50 A Study on Low Usage of Adult Diapers in India with Respect to Bangalore Region
Faculty of Pharmacy
51 Optimization and Validation of Dextran Sulphate Sodium (DSS) Colitis in Mice with Varying Concentrations
52 Hydrogel and Hydrocolloid based Wound Dressings with An Interpolymer Complex - A Comparative Study
53 Study of Haematinic Activity of Oral Indiffusible Mixture of Tamarindus Indica L. Leaf Extract in Phenylhydrazine Induced Anemia
54 Effect of Hemidesmus Indicus Var. Pubescens R. Br. Linn Root Extract Against Galactose Induced Cataract in Isolated Goat Lens
55 Comparative Studies on Pharmaceutical Equivalence of Two Marketed Brands of Diclofenac Tablet and Gel Dosage Forms Manufactured in Two Different Countries