Group Project Abstracts - 2015

M.Sc. Student Group Projects


Sl.No.Project Title
1 Design and Development of a Mechanism for Compact Parking Configuration for a 3 Wheeled Car
2 Design and Fabrication of an All-Terrain Vehicle Based on Baja Specification
3 Design and Development of Single Seated Electric Car
4 Design and Development of Unmanned Flapping Wing Aerial Vehicle
5 Alternative Fuels for IC Engines
6 Conceptual Design of Combat Aircraft
7 High Performance Propfans for Future Aero- Propulsion Systems
8 Design and Development of Emergency/Trauma Health Care System for Ambulance
9 Design and Development of Cloud Service for Virtual Network Deployment
10 AUTOSAR – Architecture, Benefits, Overview, Detailed Description and Design of an Antilock Braking System (ABS) ECU
11 Design and Development of a Computing Cloud Platform for MSRSAS
12 Design, Development and Performance Analysis of Multi-user MIMO on Embedded Platforms
13 Infrared based Tomography Device for Finger Fracture Detection
14 Hardware Framework for Intelligent Shopping Cart
15 Improvement of Load Flow Network Performance Using Power Controllers
16 Design and Development of Lathe Tool Dynamometer
17 Development of Optimized Routing for Garbage Disposal in BBMP Ward 9
18 Design and Development of Green Manufacturing Roadmap for OEM’s
19 Study on Requirements of Drill Systems for Subsurface Analysis in Interplanetary Missions
20 Design and Development of a Low Cost 3D Printer
21 Design of a Low Cost Sugarcane Cutting and Harvesting Machine
22 Re-Configurable Cargo Delivery for Urban India
23 Design of a Mini Fire-Tender Truck for Urban Cities of India
24 Design of an Intermodal Urban Mobility Vehicle for Commuters in India
25 Design of Futuristic Monorail for Bengaluru City
26 Design and Development of Paddy Transplanting Machine
27 Quad Pedal Vehicle for Transportation in Rural Area using Sustainable Material
28 Design and Development of Roof Top Farming System for Urban Areas