Group Project Abstracts - 2013

M.Sc. Student Projects


Sl.No.Project Title
1 Retro-fitting of Urea Spray System for NOX Reduction in Diesel Engines
2 Re-Design of Existing Racecar
3 Design and Development of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
4 Design and Fabrication of Single-Manned Hovercraft
5 Remote Controlled Surveillance Aircraft
6 Autonomous Vehicle Navigation along a Pre-Defined Path
7 Design and Development of Emergency/Trauma Health Care System for Ambulance
8 Design and Development of Doctor's Android Application for Ambulance Based Emergency/Trauma Healthcare System
9 Development of Dynamic Eye Movement Tracking System for HMI Applications
10 Development of a Dynamic Hand Gesture Based Robot Navigation System
11 Design and Development of Device for Ambulance based Emergency/Trauma Healthcare System
12 Design and Development of a Coffee Plucking Machine
13 Design and Development of Multipurpose Scissor Lift
14 Design of a School Using Geodesic Dome
15 Design and Develpment of LPG Leakage Detection System
16 Parking Space Indicator and Security Scan System for Car Parking in Commercial Buildings
17 PSoC Based Taste Detection System for Food and Environmental Applications on Android Platform
18 Development of Paddy Transplanting Equipment
19 Prototype Development of Combined Finger Millet (Ragi) Harvesting and Threshing Attachment
20 Design and Development of Groundnut Digger for Indian Practices
21 Development of Manually Operated Fork Lift for MSRSAS Work Shop
22 Development of Spray Casting Set-Up for Alluminium Alloys
23 Design and Development of Portable Sunflower Decorticator
24 Extension to the Carbon Offsetting Framework for Housing Communities in Bengaluru