Group Project Abstracts - 2012

M.Sc. Student Projects


Sl.No.Project Title
1 Conversion of a Motorcycle into All-Terrain Quad Bike with Agricultural Capabilities
2 Design and Fabrication of Single Seater Hovercraft
3 Development of Impact Energy Absorbing Chassis (IEAC)
4 Design and Fabrication of Multipurpose Farm Equipment
5 Design and Development of Conveyor Bike
6 Design and Development of Low Cost Variable Ground Clearance Mechanism for All Terrain Vehicles
7 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
8 Game Development,'The Legend of Arjun – The Pandav Warrior'
9 Design and Implementation of a Bandwidth Aggregation Based Wireless Real-Time TV Signal Transmission-Reception System
10 Design and Implementation of the Server and Networking Components for an In-Vehicle Infotainment System
11 Design and Implementation of the Passenger Seat Unit for an Interactive In-Vehicle Infotainment System
12 Design and Implementation of an Interactive Voice Response System for Dynamic Indian Language Web Based Content
13 Design and Development of Portable Device for Live Video Streaming Using Multiple Data Cards
14 Design and Development of Gesture-Based Robot for Real-Time Application
15 Design and Development of Sound Localisation System Using Linear Array Microphone Sensors
16 Design and Implementation of On-Board Moving Target Detection, Tracking and Navigation
17 Design and Development of a Tender Coconut Shop
18 Design and Development of Community Kitchen
19 Design and Development of Residential Generated Garbage Management System
20 Design and Development of Low Cost Walker cum Seat for Elderly People
21 Design and Development of Mobile Toilet
22 Power Efficient Dynamically Reconfigurable Electronic Display System for Bangalore Metro
23 Antilock Braking System Controller for a Two Wheeler
24 Design and Development of Bionic Wrist
25 Development of Self Clinching Machine for Sheet Metal Joining
26 Development of R R Moore Type Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing Machine
27 Automated Field Watering System for Helping Rural Farmers to Optimise Natural Resource Loss
28 Development of Framework to Calculate and Offset Carbon Footprint in Housing Communities at Bengaluru
29 A Study on Congestion Charge System (CCS) in Bengaluru