Research Themes

The university with National and International organisations in government, public and private sector would like to undertake research and generate knowledge for the benefit of the Society. The research themes are:

Energy and Environment ;Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Implants; Robotics and Automation; Signal and Image Processing; Control Engineering; Materials Engineering; Biomedical Engineering and Biomechanics; Engineering Design and Rural Products Design; Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics; Automotive Technologies; Micro Air Vehicles; Manufacturing Technologies; Optoelectronics; Human Computer Interactions; Electric Motors, Drives and Electromagnetics; Sensors and Micro Electro Mechanical System; Microelectronics and CMOS Technology; Graphene and Carbon Nanotechnology; Graphics and Visualization; Software Engineering and ICT Networks and Distributed Systems; Plasma and Lasers; Construction Engineering and Management; Life Sciences and Biotechnology; Cariology; Special Care Dentistry; Oral Rehabilitation; Oral Immunology and Microbiology; Controlled Drug Delivery; Targeted Drug Delivery; Non- Invasive Drug Delivery; Polymer Science; Extraction, Isolation and Standardization of PhytoConstituents; Discovery and Optimization of Active Lead Molecules; Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API);Pharmacological Screening and Toxicity Studies.

The sponsored research will be pursued mainly by Research Professors in association with regular professors and research scholars.