Ongoing Thesis Topics

Science and Engineering Group

    Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  1. Design and Simulation Studies on Energy Efficient Cross Layer Architecture for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks with Hybrid Mobility
  2. Analytical and Simulation Studies on the Application of Space-Polarization-Frequency Reuse Techniques of Antennas for the Performance Enhancement of Manets
  3. Simulation Studies on Cellular Automata Model for Kidney Functionalities
  4. Design and Analysis of an OLSR-Based Proactive Link State Routing Protocol Using Intelligent Clustering to Provide QoS in MANET's
  5. Concurrency Aware Worst Case Execution Time Analysis for Programs on Multi-Core Architectures
  6. Studies on Learning Algorithms for Improved Analysis of FMRI Data
  7. Numerical Investigation of Anti – Backlash Planetary Gears through Dynamic Analysis
  8. Investigative Studies on Role of Fluid Dynamic Interaction of Tip Leakage and Secondary Flows on Performance and Stability of Transonic Axial Compressors
  9. VLSI Design of Digital Signal Processing, Video Processing, VLSI Design of Communication System
  10. Design and Analysis of Performance Enhanced LNA and Improved Image Rejection in Wide-Band RF Receiver Architecture for Cognitive Radio Application
  11. Study on Application of Opportunistic Beam Forming for MIMO Systems in Underwater Acoustics
  12. Efficient Farm Machinery Design
  13. Analytical and Computational Studies on Finite Buffered Multiclass Queueing Systems
  14. Web Browser Optimization
  15. Studies and Analysis on Tracking Algorithms to Improve Performance
  16. Development of Adaptive Control Algorithms for Different Multi-Agent Configurations
  17. Development of Simulation Model for Near-Field Beamforming based Underwater Acoustic Imaging (UAI)
  18. Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design
  19. Adaptive Filter Applications and Workable Solution in ANC
  20. Synthesis of MoS2 Nanoparticles and Their Applications in Nano Fluids
  21. Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Aerodynamics of Wings at Low Reynolds Numbers
  22. Study of Varying the Duct Design Parameters of Serpentine Air Intake Duct on the Flow in the Duct and Optimization of the Shape to Maximize the Duct Flow Performance within the Constraint of Stealth
  23. Control the Effect of Transient Interface Forces in Train Crashes
  24. Fuzzy Dynamic Model of an Innovation System - Aid to Predict Project Success
  25. Faculty of Art and Design

  26. A Study on Generating Textile Based 3D Print Filament Using Eco-Friendly Materials for Development of Fashion Products
  27. Design Studio Management for Indian Stock Market
  28. Faculty of Management and Commerce

  29. Gain the Skills Required for Research in the Area of Asset Pricing and Valuation
  30. Challenges of Talent Management and Retention: Analyzing and Developing Framework Specific to IT Industry
  31. A Comparative Study of Employee Engagement of Gen Y Employees in Select Indian Service Sectors
  32. A Study of the Economic Burden of Health Care Associated Infections in a Tertiary Care Hospitals
  33. Studies of Security and Penetration Test Processes for Generation of Effective Attacks on Web Application
  34. Faculty of Science and Humanities

  35. Stress Jump Boundary Condition in Nano Fluids
  36. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterial and their Application in Water and Wastewater Treatment
  37. Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Structures of Notes and Jattis in Carnatic Music
  38. Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology

  39. Impact of Social Media on Indian Hotel Industry

Health Science Group

    Faculty of Dental Sciences

  1. Proliferation Inhibition Effect of Earthworm Caulomic Fluid of Eudrilus Eugenia, Eisenia Fetida and Perionyx Excavatus on Oral Cancer Cell Lines
  2. Design and Validation Studies on Cost Effective Whole Slide Imaging System for Diagnosis and  Digital Archiving of Pathology Slides
  3. Microstructure Development and In Vitro Properties of Yttria Stabilized Ziconia Mica Glass Ceramics for Dental Restorative Applications
  4. Primary Health Care Workforce to Tackle Risk Behaviors for Oral Cancer in the Community
  5. Development of Novel Bioresorbable Scaffolod for Tissue Engineering
  6. Study on the Effect of PRF and PRFM Scaffold on Pulp Derived Stem Cells
  7. Assessment of the Occurrence of Edentulousness, Prosthetic Status and Prosthetic Need among the Geriatrics and to Maintain the Nutritional Status
  8. Transglutaminase Inhibitors - A Novel Treatment for Management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis
  9. Antibacterial Activity and Remineralization of Coca Varnish - An Invitro Study
  10. Estimation of Inorganic Constituents in Saliva and their Relationship with Dental Caries in Children with Special Care Needs
  11. Faculty of Pharmacy

  12. Role of Pharmacist in Generating Safety Profile : Comparison and Application of Signal Detection Techniques in FDA AERS Database
  13. Evaluation of Protective Effects of Sargassum Wightii Greville (Brown Marine Algae) against Diabetes Mellitus Linked Alzhedimer's Disease
  14. Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Anticancer Potential and Pharmacokinetic Behaviour of Novel Curcumin - Drug Conjugate
  15. Bioactivity Guided Isolation and Characterization of Secondary Metabolites of the Roots and Rhyzomes of Cryptocoryne Spiralis (Retz.) Fisch.Ex Wydl., Family: Araceae and Identifications of Promising Bio-Active Agents
  16. Isolation, Characterization of Phytochemical Constituents and In-Vitro Biological Studies of some Important Medicinal Plants such as Didymocarpus and Nothosaerva
  17. HMG Con-A reductase Enzyme Inhibitory Activity by Flavonoids: Structure Activity Relationship Studies
  18. Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Anticancer Potential and Pharmacokinetic Behaviour of Novel Curcumin-Drug Conjugate