Completed Thesis Topics

Science and Engineering Group

  1. Cyril Prasanna Raj (2011)- Multi dimentional Nueral network for image compression and Realization using Analog VLSI
  2. Kumaresh Krishnan (2015) - Characterization and Estimation of High Frequency Channel with Multiple Antenna System
  3. Adappa Chandrashekar Lokesh (2015) - Studies on Biodiesel Production from Local Tree Species Oil and Consequent Ecological Impact in Rural Karnataka
  4. Sivapragasam Munusamy (2015) - Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Multiple Air Jets in Counterflow for Generating Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Inlet Flow Distortion Patterns
  5. Preetham Shankpal (2015) -  Modelling and Simulation Studies On Near-Field Beamforming Based Through Wall Imaging System
  6. Rinki Sharma (2015) - Simulation Studies on Effects of Dual Polarized Directional Antenna on the Performance of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
  7. K. M. Sharath Kumar (2015) - Modelling Fourth-Party Logistics Transaction Centre for Evaluation and Integration of Trading Partners using Data Envelopment Analysis
  8. B. R. Karthikeyan (2016) - Development of Novel Approaches for High Resolution Direction of Arrival (DoA) Estimation Techniques
  9. Arvind Kumar Singh (2019) Band Selection Algorithms and Heterogeneous Multi-Classifier Schemes for Enhanced Classification Accuracy of Hyper- Spectral Images 
  10. Kaustubh Uday Nabar (2019) Design and Analysis of a Cluster-Based Hybrid Routing Protocol for Enhanced Quality-Of-Service in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  11. Ugra Mohan Roy (2018) Studies on effects of optical feedback based micro ring resonator on the integrated 40 GHz optoelectronic oscillator