Centre for Learning Differences (Slow Learners)

University admits students with varying family backgrounds, intelligence levels and learning abilities to meet the obligation of inclusiveness and thus resulting into heterogeneous classrooms. On the other hand, the teachers set a particular teaching standard to teach a class of students resulting into mismatch between delivery and student understanding.


To overcome this mismatch, during the initial years, normally during the 1st and 2nd year of study, the slow learners are identified and given extra coaching to cope-up with the set teaching standards.

The Centre for Learning Differences (Slow Learners) will work towards identifying slow learners and interacting with members of the faculty and organise extra coaching classes for the students with learning differences.

The following are the details of the coordinators

Sl. No. Name of the Coordinator Department/Faculty E-mail Id
1 Mrs. Nayana N. Patil Civil Engineering (FET) nayanapatil.ce.et@msruas.ac.in
2 Dr. Rohini Deshpande Electronics Engineering (FET) rohini.ec.et@msruas.ac.in
3 Dr. K. Manickavasagam Electronics & Electrical Engineering (FET) manickavasagam.ee.et@msruas.ac.in
4 Mr. K. R. Narasimha MurthyComputer Science & Engineering (FET) nmurthy.cs.et@msruas.ac.in
5 Dr. Ananth S. Iyengar Mechanical Engineering (FET) ananth.me.et@msruas.ac.in
6 Mr. B. S. Abhilash Faculty of Art & Design abhilash.id.ad@msruas.ac.in
7 Dr. Sylvia Mathew Faculty of Dental Sciences sylviamathew.cd.ds@msruas.ac.in
8 Prof. C. H. S. Venkataramana Faculty of Pharmacy venkataramana.py.ph@msruas.ac.in
9 Ms. Shashi Binani Faculty of Hospitality Mgmt. & Catering Technology shashibinani.hm.hc@msruas.ac.in